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This newsletter is about our MIM technology including the latest development of Japan Micro MIM. This newsletter is about our MIM technology including the latest development of us.
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.44
Diameter less than 1 mm, module of < 0.3 mm!
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.43
MD&M West 2023
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.42
New Year's Greetings
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.41
Announcement: Introduction of new equipment
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.40
Announcement of the establishment of Micro MIM Europe GmbH
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.39
Quality Assurance Technology in μ-MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.38
μ-MIM Measurement Technology
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.37
Our Metal 3D Printing Technology
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.36
Basics of the Density Measurements of Sintered Components
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.35
The renovated headquarter and MDM West in California
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.34
Quality assurance of μ-MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.33
Problem solutions in MIM process; debinding and sintering process
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.32
Problem solutions in MIM process; Injection moulding process
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.31
Debinding process in metal injection moulding or MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.30
Mould technology which supports our μ-MIM®
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.29
Fronteering the SDGs Binder
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.28
Powder difference by powder manufacturing methods
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.27
Tungsten (W) application in metal injection moulding or MIM process
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.26
Paper review; AM co-researching work using FDMet
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.25
New Year Greetings 2021
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.24
The latest trend of quality management of metal powder
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.23
The analysis for alloy developments
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.22
Mass production technology of metal components with thin wall by Micro MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.21
Materials with High hardness (MIM)
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.20
Additive manufacturing Vol. 2 A collaboration of metal AM and MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.19
Additive manufacturing Vol. 1 Metal AM outline
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.18
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.17
Measurement technology supporting µ-MIM technology
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.16
Degreasing / Sintering furnace for metal injection moulding process (MIM)
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.15
Mould and moulding process
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.14
Micro MIM Japan 2019 Exhibitions Review
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.13
Surface roughness determined by metal powder and binder
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.12
Binder plays an important role in producing MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.11
µ-MIM® technology can be further extended with titanium
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.10
µ-MIM® technology is assured by our latest evaluation system
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.09
Develop new applications of titanium-based materials by µ-MIM®
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.08
Innovative of gear production produced by micro MIM technology
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.07
General principles for selection of Stainless steels about MIM
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.06
3D-MIM® mass-produces complex designed metal parts with high precision
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.05
Success in micro nozzle mass production made of difficult-to-machine material
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.04
Possibility of magnetic materials spread by MIM technology
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.03
Reviews of medical exhibition in last 4 years
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.02
Quality control of micro-MIM : a focus on process capability
Micro-MIM Newsletter Vol.01
Embrace change and make that “something” happen in future
Technical Newsletter Vol.21
Leave the thin-walled components to μ-MIM.
Technical Newsletter Vol.20
The further reason why μ-MIM is chosen.
Technical Newsletter Vol.19 
The reason why μ-MIM is chosen.
Technical Newsletter Vol.18
MIM application to processing resistance material.
Technical Newsletter Vol.17
Some popular questions on MIM.
Technical Newsletter Vol.16
Cost-down was realised in High-Precision Process.
Technical Newsletter Vol.15
Introduction of the latest X-ray CT Unit.
Technical Newsletter Vol.14
Mirror polishing of Titanium alloy MIM parts.
Technical Newsletter Vol.13
3D metal printer and MIM.
Technical Newsletter Vol.12
Technology that turns µ-MIM into reality.
Technical Newsletter Vol.11
Thin-walled MIM that used to be impossible can be achieved μ-MIM.
Technical Newsletter Vol.10
Mould-less MIM prototype & example of surface modification of MIM
Technical Newsletter Vol.9
Mass production with MIM of ultra-small gears become possible
Technical Newsletter Vol.8
Technology to measure what we cannot see
Technical Newsletter Vol.7
Applications of MIM-made gears
Technical Newsletter Vol.6
Quality control of complex geometry Improvement
Technical Newsletter Vol.5
Techniques for manufacturing external parts using MIM
Technical Newsletter Vol.4
Development new MIM material with antibacterial property
Technical Newsletter Vol.3
Measurement of fine parts with complicated geometry
Technical Newsletter Vol.2 
Injection moulding of Titanium
Technical Newsletter Vol.1
How to realize μ-MIM