Micro MIM Japan

Production Technology

Development of μ‐MIM® technology

Our μ‐MIM® technology is developed to manufacture extremely small metal parts. μ‐MIM is suitable for mass production of sophisticated profile components required high dimensional precision.

What is μ-MIM

μ-MIM® is a processing technology for literally micro meter control required MIM components. The demand of μ-MIM® technology is greatly enhanced lately due to not only miniaturisation but also its quality.



Advantages of μ‐MIM

µ-MIM has following advantages compared with other manufacturing methods


  • 1. Machining: Processing cost reduction in complicated design, higher
    productivity, shorter delivery date
  • 2. Stamping: More complicated design with higher accuracy
  • 3. Pressure die casting: More material option, higher mechanical properties
  • 4. Lost-wax process: Larger manufacturing lot size, higher accuracy
  • 5. Compaction powder metallurgy: Higher mechanical properties and design freedom
  • 6. Additive manufacturing: Higher productivity and more material selection


Difference between conventional MIM and our μ‐MIM
μ‐MIM technology will break the conventional MIM limitation

Fundamental technology for realising μ-MIM®

We compose our own feedstock because the binder system is the most important factor to realise high precision MIM. The final MIM quality depends on the feedstock’s quality so using the best combination of polymers and mixing ratio of metal powder – binder for each MIM project.


Micro powder

Metal injection moulding process is one of the powder metallurgy (PM) processes, having the highest sintered density among PM. The PM components normally have rough skin thus additional post polishing process is needed. Our µ-MIM® manufacturing technology is applicable to use super fine metal powder, therefore smooth surface with sophisticated exterior is realised.


Mould technology

We have decades of experience in mould design, and additional recent flow-analysis, mould evaluation system leads us to realise high precision mould.
The positioning or design of gate is more delicate than the plastic injection moulding. MIM need to use metal powder, and the weight difference between the metal powder and polymer is significant. If the gate design is not appropriate, the distribution of the metal powder will be ununiformed due to inertia’s influences. This may cause crack or other quality problem at sintering.
In order to avoid the problems we apply our experiences, analysis and evaluation technique to realise your product.