Micro MIM Japan

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance technology

We do the latest MIM technology development both independently and collaborate with some institutes.


  • ● Material development
  • ● Production technology
  • ● Analysis technology
  • ● Material development
  • ● Binder system
  • ● Latest powders employment
  • ● Production technology development
  • ● Mould optimization
  • ● Injection technology
  • ● Measurement system development
  • ● Analysis technology development
  • ● X-ray CT analysis
  • ● Optical 3D morphology measurement
  • ● Simulation


 3D morphology measurement technology

Our research lab has the latest evaluation equipment to support our μ-MIM® quality.

1. Evaluation using ATOS system

ATOS is an optical 3D measurement system, delivering accurate and traceable 3D coordinates from GOM. This system has been used for various industries form designing to production quality control. They develop not only optical measurement equipment but also the data analysis system.
This is an example of difficult chucking component measurement data. This image is a surface morphology of Japanese traditional sugar sweet called Konpeitou. It is made of sugar and has 24 prongs on 10 mm spherical shape.

Evaluation using ATOS system-1

Evaluation using ATOS system-2

2. X-ray CT scanner (Nikon MCT225)

It offers efficient and superior accurate measurement both internal and external of complex MIM components geometry. It enables to observe and measure the internal structure of metal or plastic parts which cannot be observed with the visible light. This unit can measure up to 15mm depth in case of steel or stainless steel, therefore the parts processed with our μ-MIM®, the internal shape tolerance and all defects will be detected.

X-ray CT scanner