Micro MIM Japan

Q & A


How long does it take for the mould manufacturing?

The mould making takes approximately 1 – 1.5 months. After receiving the mould, we will submit the first sample in about three to four weeks.


How thin can we design for μ-MIM®?

0.1 mm in case of the size is smaller than 5 mm with stainless steel.
(Conventional MIM; 0.3 mm partially)

How tight the tolerance can μ-MIM® achieve?

It depends on the shape of the parts, but we accomplish +/- 0.3 mm while conventional MIM achieves +/- 0.5 mm.

Material Used

What are the materials used in MIM?

Stainless steel is most commonly used in the MIM industry. There are many cases in which the merit is greatly improved by converting the difficult-to-machine materials such as Ti-based alloys.

Can I use materials other than steel for MIM?

Yes, any adequate powder material is accepted for production development. However, please consider the additional examination period for a specific material.


Are the moulds tooled in-house?

No, we have partners with world-leading mould tooling manufacturers.


Do you have a minimum lot size?

No. The minimum lot size could depend on the number of parts you need. However, we can suggest the economic lot size during the DFM discussion.

What is the maximum monthly production?

We are capable of producing more than 1 million units per month.


What level of surface roughness can be achieved?

It depends on the type of metal material and the particle size distribution, however, the Ra ranges from 0.2 to 1.6 μm.

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