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Technical Newsletter vol.8 : µ-MIM realises innovative gear production

µ-MIM realises innovative gear production



    MIM realises mass production of special gears such as intermittent gears, difference module stepped gears, a gear having different specifications in a lap, and so on. Moreover, µ-MIM can achieve high strength and geometric tolerance by integrating parts in any shape including the tooth and its root design.  Additionally, we apply latest micro X-ray CT scanner and other optical measurement system for our quality assurance. This system combines the data with 3D design, thus high-integrity measurement data will be provided with the products.


  micro gear



Micro gear mass production


Utilising high precision mass productivity which is a feature of µ-MIM, it realised the mass production of gear module 0.5 or less with high accuracy. It is also possible to correspond to orders of 1 million units per month for internal or helical gears. We also accept the mass production of gear module 0.02.


integrated gear



Free from the design restriction    


For fixing gears and shafts, it requires set screw, key, pin, splines, and so on. However, MIM is free from the gear design restriction, thus any integration is possible. Not only by reducing the number of parts but also by realising high accuracy and strength, we will be able to support cost and space saving for all kinds of small gears.


special gear



Experience in latest medical equipment parts mass production


Totally free from the design restriction, thus any special gear, such as non-circular, intermittent, eccentric gear, or tooth design are also available. µ-MIM can realise any tooth designed mass production and not only gear itself but also the case. It is possible to produce the case with internal gear till the very bottom end.


MIM measurement evaluation



Provide integrity data using latest measurement technology


By using the high resolution X-ray CT and gear analysis software, it is possible to compare and verify 3 dimensional structural data with your 3D – CAD data. This quality assurance system exhibit the power especially in small module, internal helical gears.







     Hi. This is Izumi Nakamura from German office. In January, I was back in Japan and enjoyed the New Year cerebration in Japan. Since 1873 we cerebrate the New Year on 1st January like most of the Western countries (many countries in Asia cerebrate it according to the lunar calendar or buddhist calendar). During the New Year Days many people eat what we call „Osechi“ which is a set of different dishes which are easy to preserve. Another typical dish is „Ozoni“ soup, which contains Mochi (rice cake). The ingriedents of Osechi and Ozoni vary a lot depending on where you are from.

   Outside of the house we decorate „Kadomatsu“ a traditional decoration for the new year holiday and inside we put „Kagamimochi“.  Another important tradition is that we send each other greeting cards, just like Christmas cards. Nowadays when everyone writes on SNS, it is only time of the year Japanese people write cards. During this holiday time, many people visit their family and children get „Otoshidama“ from their relatives in a decorated small envelope. This is always a great time for children!


*Remark : This newsletter was originally published on February 14, 2019