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Technical Newsletter vol.5 : The world’s first micro nozzle mass production by Micro MIM

Success in micro nozzle mass production made of difficult-to-machine material



    In  general,  high  dimensional  accuracy  of  taper,  curve  design  and  smooth  surface  are  required  in  small nozzles,  especially  the  ones  used  in  gasoline  or diesel engines. Those  nozzles  directly  inject fuel into  the cylinder  thus,  the  spray  characteristics  affect  the  fuel  consumption  or  other  performance  directly.  The optimum   flow  path   design   obtained   from   numerical  calculations  or  other     simulation   is   generally introduced, however, it is very  difficult to  realise  the  design  in  mass production. Moreover, if the  nozzle diameter is less than 1 mm it is difficult to mass produce even the simple straight hollow design due to the very short cutting tool lifetime.



micro nozzle


– Realising the world’s first 0.03 mm hole nozzle 17-4PH in MIM industry –


micro nozzle



micro nozzle


    We have realised mass production of micro nozzle, φ 0.03 mm with an aspect ratio of 5. 0.03 mm is actually smaller than a standard hair diameter. It is said φ 0.05 mm is the smallest limit by machining at this moment. Our moulding and sintering technology using super fine metal powder, which cultivated as μ-MIM technology, realises dense smooth surface, the roughness of Ra = 0.3 without post-processing. In microfabrication like this nozzle, it is difficult to achieve this surface quality even with the latest laser processing technology due to the problem of dross deposits or residual thermal stress and so on. When you consider serial production of ultra small nozzle with complicated flow path design, please consult to Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc.






Exhibition : Medical Fair Asia 2018, Singapore

     Good day. I am Makiko, responsible R&D in Thailand. We have exhibited Medical Fair Asia 2018 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 28 -31 Aug as Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. together with a partner company;  Sayama Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd., WORKS Co., Ltd. and Sanwa Plastic Industry Pte. Ltd.  There were many visitors in our booth and most of them were surprised our ultra-small Micro MIM technology samples. We had very good responses and spend beneficial time there as we hardly had to explain


*Remark : This newsletter was originally published on October 23, 2018