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Technical Newsletter vol.20 : Collaboration of metal AM and MIM

Manufacturing Part 2 – collaboration of metal AM and metal injection moulding (MIM)



     Today we subsequently introduce our approach to collaborate with AM and our prospects.


Summary of metal AM


     These days, various metal AM devices have been developed and they are in fierce competition to survive in the market. There are strengths and weaknesses derived from their manufacturing processes as summarised in the following table.


The table classifies representative AM methods by the densify phase.


Comparison table of representative metal AM methods


metal AM method



Coexistent of MIM with AM


     The process, densifying step comes after the forming, requires debinding and sintering steps which are same and essential as in metal injection moulding or MIM process. Therefore, we could apply our metal injection moulding processing technology to some metal AM processing. With the fused deposition modelling (FDM) method, shown as bold letters in the table, it is commonly employed wire or bar form filament to form the green body. Recently, a metal AM device* has introduced in the market which employs pelletised MIM-feedstock directly. Therefore, it is allowed to say that the FDM method is the best way for MIM manufacturer to collaborate with AM manufacturing. Since we have knowledge and experience with our feedstock over our metal injection moulding production history, both our techniques of debinding and sintering step and of forming step should be effective also in metal AM devices. We believe this collaboration will lead our better service for customers, especially for the prototype production phase.


* ex) http://slab.jp/3dprinter_biz/



Our approach to the AM manufacture


Tensile test


FDM formed tensile test result



     We have studies with our original feedstock applied in FDM metal AM device and it is observed the mechanical properties. The graph shown in right is a result of a tensile test. We confidently offer our feedstock for AM trial to whom has problems with metal AM manufacturing. Please do not hesitate to contact us.







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