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Technical Newsletter 14 : Exhibition Review of year 2019

2019 Exhibitions Review



     The last issue this year is reviewing our exhibitions in Japan, Thailand, and Germany. It was a great opportunity to know you via the exhibitions and present our technologies. Thank you very much for choosing our micro metal injeciton moudling (µ-MIM) technology and we wish you will have a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.



     We had attended 2 exhibitions, Fine processing Technology EXPO, or NEPCON JAPAN in January and Highly–functional METAL EXPO in December.

     In NEPCON, we exhibited as a part of Micro Manufacturing Association, which only the metal manufacture, who has strong competitive advantages in microfabrication, 0.001-1 mm size range, can join. During the exhibition, only very small metal components are presented, which we could not imagine how they could handle. We had a great opportunity to show our micro metal injection moulding products among those astounding small components.

     At METAL EXPO, we did a co-exhibit with 4 other Japanese metal injection moulding or MIM manufacture. It was the very first time to exhibit together with Japanese MIM competitor, therefore the feature of each company was obvious to visitors. Sadly, we also understand that the MIM manufacturing method is still not well known in public.




     We had an opportunity to exhibit in the leading industrial part and business matching event in ASEAN called “Subcon Thailand 2019” at BITEC in Bangkok on May 8-11. This exhibition is the largest in industrial part manufacturing in ASEAN, thus, we could show our micro injection moulding products to not only Thai but also foreign potential customers. We have received very positive comments about our product and many visitors show their strong interests in our technology.





     We attended T4M (Technology for medical devices) in May, Germany. There were some potential customer visited our booth with their drawings to discuss details. Also we could see the latest world leading fabrication technologies, such as a ceramic powder injection moulding manufacture shows tiny nozzles which smaller than our product.

     It was very fruitful and inspired exhibition and we renew our passion to develop our technology to present irresistibly attract product to customer.


We have planned to exhibit several times in each location in this year. We will inform you the details when it is close exhibitions. There are some products that we can show to you only at the exhibitions so please visit our booth.

We are looking forward to see you.







Nepcon Japan Expo


We will exhibit Fine Process Technology EXPO in NEPCON Japan as a member of Micro Manufacturing Association.

Date: 15-17 January 2020

Place : West Hall, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan      

Booth: W6-32





Christmas & New Year in the world




     There are many illumination decorations in Tokyo. One of my favourite decorations is at near Tokyo Tower. However, the New Year days are more important for Japanese culture thus after 26th Dec, all the decorations for Christmas is removed and change to Japanese new year decorations are taken over the places. We do not have long holidays during the Christmas time but during the New Year days. We enjoy reunite the relative members in New Year to exchange the special well-wishing word over this period.





     During the New Year period, big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, etc. are full of fantastic decorations to attract tourists and Thai people. It is the best season to spend your time out side since there is no raining and the temperature is not too high, thus everywhere is overcrowded. Normally, only the New Year Eve and New Year day are the holiday, thus not so many people will go to travel far or to see family or relatives during this period.





     There are Christmas markets in almost every town. The markets are decorated with beautiful illumination and people go out to the markets with family and friends to enjoy Glühwein (hot wine) as well as buying Christmas presents. New Year Eve is the day of party. There are many places that have countdown party outside and some have fireworks. After the first of January, it is back to normal work, which is different from Japanese New Year.