Micro MIM Japan

14,Feb,2019 Design Tips

MIM Design Tips 01

With our MIM process, you are not constrained by the design limitations of standard metalworking processes.

・   During the MIM process, it can possible to have the freedom to start with a “clean slate” and build up their component geometry by placing material only where it is needed for function and strength

 ・   Maintaining a uniform wall thickness throughout a component reduces the likelihood of molding process flaws, improving the overall part quality, cosmetics, and generally improving the resulting dimensional tolerances that the MIM process can provide

 ・   Uniform walls are also desired for higher precision, more repeatable dimensional capability, lower processing costs and improved aesthetics

・    Coring can help create uniform walls through preferred geometries. There are also instances in the MIM process where unnecessary material is removed or cored out in areas with thick cross-sections. Coring can be done either parallel or perpendicular to the parting line