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μ-MIM feedstock sale

 μ-MIM feedstock to realise your ideal MIM parts.

MIM material, feedstock is a mixture of metal powder and binder, which is made of plastic and wax. The binder will be completely decomposed during the process.
However, this binder is the critical element for MIM component quality. Since our company was founded as a plastic injection moulding company unlike other MIM manufactures, we have a lot of experiences and knowledge in binder.
We offer you our feedstock, μ-MIM feedstock to realise your ideal MIM parts.

We have experiences with following materials.


-Good mouldability.
μ-MIM feedstock realises complex designed components with high tolerance

-High material yield.
μ-MIM feedstock is stable in moulding process, thus it  can reuse as much as 5 times without adding virgin feedstock.

-Operator and Environmentally friendly.
Our feedstock can employ 100% thermal degreasing. It is not necessary to use additional solvent or chemical degreasing.

Examples of Spec Sheet


Material property details apart from above list can be had upon request.