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What is MIM?

What is MIM?

Metal injection moulding or MIM is a manufacturing process in which metal powder is mixed and kneaded with polymer binder. The mixture is called feedstock. Then the feedstock is injected into a mould to form the desired metal components structure.


Characteristics of MIM


Wide variety of metal materials is available, such as high melting point metal or poor machinability metal
Smooth surface can be obtained using ultra fine powder


It is possible to integrate multiple parts into one part design
Any net shape is available. No restrictions on side holes or under-cuts shape
Excellent transcription of patterns or fine letters
Thin-wall structures


Good at mass production of complex three-dimensional metal components with high accuracy
Convert production from machining or investment (lost-wax) casting.


High geometric accuracy and quality stability
Good mechanical properties from high relative density (≥95%)
Surface treatment such as plating is available



Manufacturing Process

List of available materials