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Pinion gear

  • Pinion gear
  • Pinion gear

Material : SS630 / 17-4PH           Diameter : Ø2.95 mm

Module : 0.3 mm       Tolerance : ±0.01 mm

Weight : 0.03 g      Ra : 0.43 µm

Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc., expert in producing very small metal component from micro metal injection moulding process according to your drawings with the high-level requirement of accuracy. These are metal micro pinion gears made of stainless steel which we can increase the hardness by post heat treatment. This pinion gear’s teeth are so tiny that it is very difficult to create by other conventional production methods due to its size, accuracy, and lead time caused by many processes. On the other hand, our micro metal injection moulding technology (µ-MIM) can produce them more quickly and precisely, so that it eventually leads to cost reduction. Its surface roughness can be achieved to 0.43 microns (µm). The additional polishing process can also be applied upon requests of customers.