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Internal gear

  • Internal gear
  • Internal gear
  • Internal gear
  • Internal gear

Material : Stainless steel, titanium
Module : 0.09mm
Tolerance : Less than ±0.3%
Size: Diameter φ4mm / φ2mm
Weight : 1.17g / 0.08g


Our µ-MIM® (micro metal injection molding) technology enables flexible tooth surface and tooth shape without relying on cutting tools. As μ-MIM® components are manufactured using a mold, no tools are required and mass production with stable quality is possible. By using an X ray-CT, it is possible to convert internal 3D structures that are normally impossible to measure into data and evaluate them. In addition, by comparing the measurement results with 3D-CAD data, the required single pitch error and tooth trace information can be obtained immediately. Evaluating the graduation according to standards is also possible without destroying the measurement object to be measured.

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