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Bevel & miter gear

  • Bevel & miter gear
  • Bevel & miter gear
  • Bevel & miter gear
  • Bevel & miter gear

Part Name Bevel gear
Materials AISI 4140
Tolerance  Less than 0.5% in all direction
Weight 2.1 g
Dimension The gear shape and pitch are specially designed.

Advantage: high rigidity and longer life due to change from plastic to metal.
Remarks: General flat shaped gear conveys the axial force (rotating force) within the flat surface. On the other hand, special shaped gears such as bevel gear or miter gear has to have diagonal teeth against radial direction as it is used to change the axial force direction.
These gears were traditionally only possible by machining or special dedicated machine but not able to produce small size gears. This small special gear can be mass produced by MIM.

Part Name Miter gear
Materials SS304L
Tolerance  Internal diameter tolerance ± 0.007 mm
Weight 1.1 g
Size: Diameter: φ15, Thickness, 5.1 mm
Dimension characteristic The gear shape and gear pitch are characteristic.

Advantage: Cost reduction by changing from CNC machining to MIM process.
Remarks: This gear is called miter gear and used in combination of bevel gear. These gears are used for the motor of tape feeder.